SpongeBob Premiere Promo Postcard 1999

SpongeBob postcard
Another buried treasure uncovered from the box at the bottom of the closet: A promotional postcard promoting the series premiere of SpongeBob SquarePants on July 17, 1999 (although there was one sneak episode released earlier in May of '99.) SpongeBob's design matured a lot over the first few seasons. I drew this image during the first season, but it sure looks wonky to me now!


Chris Sobieniak said...

Strangely that's the Spongebob I kinda dig, though perhaps because they did produce that first season using cels before going digital like everything else.

Unknown said...

I liked how SpongeBob in this season didn't look like a perfect rectangle. There's a lot of asymmetry in the initial design. Season 2 had the best balance IMO between the Season 1 design and the more digital animation.