Fleischer Popeye cartoons' 3D backgrounds -–How They Did it Back in the Golden Age

You know those really cool 3D panning backgrounds in the classic Fleischer Popeye cartoons? Here's a vintage article from Popular Mechanics that shows how they did it!
Fleischer Popeye 3D BackgroundsFleischer Popeye 3D Backgrounds 2
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Chris Sobieniak said...

It's fun to see what these sets look up entirely from those photos that were taken such as the set-up for "Little Swee'Pea". What's kinda funny to me looking back is realizing because the lighting appears to be fixed on those sets, they don't move with the set itself as it rotated. It's especially noticeable in the one or to instances of the shadows shifting in the background during the zoo sequences, it's fairly concealed but certainly something you come to notice while watching it a few times.