More Sketchy Fun with Index Cards

A few days a go I posted the little happy dude that jumped out of my pen…here’s a couple more stream-of-consciousness sketches that escaped from the ink barrel of my doodle pen…Sketches 2012 001_SpittingSketches 2012 001_Tooting
More to come? Only time (and your comments) will tell….


o f l o d a said...

These are great! I would love to see more. ^-^

Sherm said...

Thanks! I have scanned a bunch, and I'll be posting them in the very near future :)

Anonymous said...

Hey Sherm. Wanna see some drawings I did? Here's the link. What do you think?

National Labor Relation Act said...

I guess your hands have a full of talent drawing amazing animation like this one. Keep up the good work you will have a good career.

Hank Hendricks said...

Index Cards are so creative idea,have you some more cards?

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