Joe Kubert - Son of Sinbad - 1950


A fun comic featuring “Spine-Tingling Tales
of Perils, Passions and Plunder!”
Son of Sinbad by Joe Kubert – Vol 1 Number 1
First tale: “Ransom of Shipwreck Shoals”
Published by St. John – February 1950

Son of Sinbad 01 splash page joe KubertSon of Sinbad 02 Joe KubertSon of Sinbad 03 Joe KubertSon of Sinbad 04 Joe KubertSon of Sinbad 05 Joe KubertSon of Sinbad 06 Joe KubertSon of Sinbad 07 Joe KubertSon of Sinbad 08 Joe KubertSon of Sinbad 09 Joe Kubert


Unknown said...

Love the cover !!

Anonymous said...

Hi Sherm. Long time, no see. Love the comics, as usual. I've been extremely busy with my last year of high school, and I was wondering if you could give me some advice of whether I should go to a liberal arts college since my parents can't really afford that much right now, and I need to raise my grades big time (going through a lot of crap right now, been somewhat lazy about it and not wanting to deal with everything directly, overwhelming, change classes to make things a bit easier). I might have asked you this somewhat before when you brought up the Joe Kubert School of Cartooning, but all out of state schools seem out of the question at this point. My GPA is at a solid 3.5 right now, taking a few AP classes at the moment along with some honors and college prep courses, and I'm about to take the SATs tomorrow. I was thinking about SCAD Atlanta (since I live in Atlanta obviously), and thought about the Pratt Institute a couple of times in the past, but both colleges are in the $30,000-35,000 range. I still want to go into storyboarding when I grow up, but I'm not sure about that at the moment, considering my circumstances. I wish I had planned much better than I did...