X-Xing - aka: drawing doodles during down-time

X_xing sketch by Sherm Cohen

One of the best times for me to get some doodling done is while waiting for an animatic screening or a storyboard pitch to get started. I always grab a slice of paper and a pen, pencil or marker before heading into the conference room; Anytime you're waiting for a big group of people to assemble you can count on having a few minutes of down-time.

Being in the middle of my work day, I'm totally in drawing mode, but since I'm away from my desk I all of a sudden feel free to just let the drawing take me where it will. It's a little improvisational "cartoon jazz" that yields surprising results simply because there's no "goal" other than the love of drawing. Y'know…like when we used to draw for FUN.

I scanned a bunch of these scribbles recently and I'll be posting a bunch in the coming days. Enjoy!


Anonymous said...

HAHAHA! I haven't seen a drawing here in a while. Thanks for posting, made the day more fun and silly!

Sherm said...

Thanks, Erik-- I'm glad it brightened your day :)
I finally scanned a few fun sketches last night, so I'lll be posted a few more in the coming days.

Bluntspear said...

very cool, lithe sketches