When I was reading comics in the seventies, these ads were merely an annoyance. But now I love the delightful weirdness of the art and the products!
Fun Tricks Free Things comic book ads from the 1970s
Tricks and novelties order by mail comic book advertisements 1970s
iron-on t-shirt transfers comic book advertisements from the 1970s cartoon character embroidered cloth patches comic book ads from the 1970s 7 foot tall monster comic book ads from the 1970s Gold Key Spotlight      c2c   Tom  Dick and Harriet #1 - Page 29


Cedric Hohnstadt said...

I totally remember these! Boy does that bring back memories.

Unca Jeffy said...

I wanted them then, I still want tham NOW!

Cole Moore Odell said...

I still have those Superman, Batman and Robin patches. I finally got to use them when I sewed the Robin patch onto one of my youngest son's shirts last year.

rnigma said...

I remember them too, as well as the ads from Johnson Smith.
Whatever happened to "Gandalf Products" anyway? (Were they sued by the Tolkien estate?)

Dominic Bugatto said...

Those are brilliant

Togotooner said...

I actually purchased,...ok, mom actually purchased the 7ft monster poster and Venus fly traps from those ads! They were soooooo cool!

I bet the artists that drew these ads up laughed uncontrollably during the process.