Sherm takes "The Long Way Home" -- Vintage Comic Scans by Bud Sagendorf

Time for another episode of Bud Sagendorf’s
 (links to previous episodes at the bottom of this post)
This one's a backup story from Dell’s Popeye #23…but our boy Sherm is now a bald peanut-head. No explanation provided or needed, apparently.
So nice to see the days before comic fans got all hung up on continuity.
bald cartoon boy walking dow the sidewalk
bald cartoon boy running down the sidewalk
bald cartoon boy walking in the woods
bald cartoon boy gets on the bus
bald cartoon boy sneaking past a dog
bald cartoon boy locked out of house
Ahhh…gotta love any comic that ends in a flop-take!

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Anonymous said...

I love it when comics have those little maze puzzles at the bottom. Kids must have loved reading these Sherm comics just for those puzzles alone. Cute and funny story.