"Wot A Night" 1931 Tom and Jerry (NOT the cat and mouse)

Wot A Night - a 1931 Tom and Jerry funfest from Van Beuren - check out this new DVD...I've been watching it all week!

These Van Beuren cartoons are ALL visual humor (almost no dialog) but they're driven by amazing old-timey jazz scores. I could just listen to the music alone and have a great time. You gotta see 'em!


Bob Flynn said...

Fun cartoon. Highlights include the treatment of the water in the cab, the trees with tentacle-like flutes, and the skeleton going down the drain almost like a double-helix.

Definitely need to watch more of these. I'm a Fleischer guy, but these have good visual humor, too. Even if the animation isn't quite as good.

Sherm said...

I'm new to these, too...but I'm surprised that they have a similar surreal urban quality - kind of like low-rent Fleishers. I really love the music. I noticed that I enjoy the sensation of feeling like I have NO idea what's going to happen from one moment to the next!

FrankenBarry said...

You're so right, one amazing/unexpected gag after another! The cloud/pipe-organ gag was my favorite. It woulda been so fun to work on these toons! Are they all this good? One more item to add to my wish list.

:: smo :: said...

i love van beuren cartoons! my friend pedro turned me on to them on my first nyc animation job about 4 years ago now. it's great to see that there were other studios out there that weren't just emulating disney. i feel like van beuren took the viewpoint of "we might not be as good as fleischer...but we can be way weirder!"

i bought jerry beck's collection from his animation garage sale thing and it totally makes me proud to be an animator in new york! i just wish i was doing the same kind of crazy work!