Thanksgiving Thoughts from Ralph Bakshi

Last year I read this interview with animation legend Ralph Bakshi (Wizards, Heavy Traffic, Mighty Mouse). I love the last paragraph the most –- a wonderful look at being thankful for the the life of a cartoonist -- so I’ll share it here:
How would you like to be remembered as an artist?

Ralph Bakshi: You do something because you love it, and you do it with everything you’ve got. And then you die. What you leave behind doesn’t matter. How much money you make doesn’t matter. What people think of you doesn’t matter. The only thing that matters is how you spend every fucking day of your life, how you feel about yourself—and not in the narcissistic, egotistical way. It doesn’t matter how I’m remembered, because I’ll remember everything myself. I’ve drawn every day of my life since high school and that’s a pure victory. I’m able to eat. I have hot dogs and I’m not starving. I live in a decent home on top of a mountain. I give my thanks, and I’m not angry anymore. The only person I’m angry with is Robert Crumb. He’s been on my back for too long. Tell him to get off it.
You can read the whole interview at:

Bakshi's Book:
Ralph Bakshi

And more wisdom from Ralph Bakshi:


Sean Wickett said...

F'in' A, sherm. thanks for posting that!

very inspirational.


Sherm said...

Hi Sean...thanks for coming by to say hello. Isn't that just the greatest quote? Always inspirational!

:: smo :: said...

yeah! that's a great quote and it makes me feel like i've got to get myself in gear for sure! i really love that clip from comic con, for a while i kept it open in my web browser so it would start up when i opened it every day [also i'm lazy]. after that i went out and bought a bulk scanner and started drawing on paper again more.

now i just need to make something!

thanks for posting this quote!