No Dan Moynihan

cartook boy on skateboard flipping his board over a gap in the sidewalk drawing by Dan MoynihanLooking at Dan Moynihan's drawings makes me feel like a little kid again. His playful doodles have a happy childlike quality that reminds me of PD Eastman, Quentin Blake and my ol'pal Craig Bartlett. But of course, he's totally got his own thing goin'!

Anyway, I just had to share this with everybody because it's so darn good!

check out Dan Moynihan's cartoons, comics and illustrations at
"No Worries" Illustration at:


Bob Flynn said...

Woooo! Dan's work rocks!...glad you found it and featured it here. His drawings have a fantastic amount of energy to them. His comics are pretty clever, too.

Will Finn said...

These remind me of Joe Ranft. Very nice!

Unknown said...

My friends are gonna be pissed when I say I like this more than their stuff. hehehe

Renee Kurilla said...

I'm also a big fan! :) My favorite of alll of his pieces is from the first Heeby Jeeby - the robot :)