More Plato Platypus Comics – from Hollywood Funny Folks #23

Plato Platypus cartoon platypus wearing bowler hat looks at his face in a mirror

Hollywood Funny Folks #23 - Page 1
More Plato Platypus Comics – this story is from Hollywood Funny Folks #23, Dec/Jan 1950.

This is just one month after the publication of our last Plato Platypus story from Animal Antics #23 (December 1949).

Plato Platypus looks quite a bit different than he did the last time…
 Hollywood Funny Folks #23 - Page 10
Hollywood Funny Folks #23 - Page 11 
Hollywood Funny Folks #23 - Page 12 
Hollywood Funny Folks #23 - Page 13
Hollywood Funny Folks #23 - Page 14

...if you like this comic, you can thank Duck-Walker Marc Deckter  and Comic Book Catacombs-Keeper Chuck Wells for leaving nice comments on the previous Plato Platypus post!

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Marc Deckter said...

That is one good looking platypus!

This is a great character, although I must say I prefer the previous 1949 design.

Thanks for giving us another dosage of Plato, Sherm - and very cool to see the FUNNY FOLKS cover as well.

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