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Well, I just came across an incredibly cool website; A nice, well-organized virtual comics library devoted to the stories and art of John Stanley! There's a nice assortment of full-length comic book stories that you can click on and read, along with a lot of background information on the various comic books, and the role that John Stanley played in the making of these classic comics.

The variety of comic titles on display is really nice and well-thought-out. Even though John Stanley is most well-known for writing the long-running Little Lulu comics for Dell, these stories feature harder-to-find comic stories featuring Woody Woodpecker, Melvin the Monster, Heckle and Jeckle, Andy Panda, as well as more obscure characters like Dunc and Loo (whose stories take place in an urban tenement apartment building) and my favorite of the bunch: Kookie -- a very well-drawn beatnik comedy!
What makes this Stanley shrine really stand out is the section called "Stanley-isms" -- telltale signs in the artwork and story that help identify John Stanley's comic stories, even though his stories were published anonymously.
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Togotooner said...
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Anonymous said...

Sherm,...I hope you don;t mind that I posted some of the cool info about John Stanley on my new (basically weak and lame) blog. I was sure to give you proper credit for leading me to this cool info regarding his work and history. I also provided a link your blog here as well. Again,...I doubt anyone will even see my blog (it's more to perhaps motivate myself to getting some of my cartooning done) but if you want me to remove that post regarding Stanley's stuff, just say the word and I will do so.

Anonymous said...

Hi...thank you for your thoughtful write-up on my website. It's criminally overdue for an update. I also need to finish one or two sections.
Your comments may well inspire me to get off my duff and add more content to the darn thing! I have a large reserve of story scans. It's just the HTML writing part...a necessary evil if ever there was one!
Your comments are greatly appreciated. I like your blog very much! Some cool material here. I'm looking forward to digging through all your posts.
Best, Frank Young

Sherm said...

Hi, Frank...good to hear from you! I understand what you mean about the chore of wrangling HTML to make the posts look good. Get fighting the good fight! We appreciate it. --Sherm