Foxy Fagan #1 - One of the GREATEST Funny Animal comic book stories ever

Foxy Fagan Comic Book cover drawing by Harvey Eisenberg -- cartoon fox paints eggs with gold paint and tries to sell them as golden eggs
This unbelieveably great Foxy Fagan comic book story was featured on the ASIFA-Hollywood Animation Archive website back in February. I don't know how I missed it. Luckily, I stumbled across it while looking at another cool comics blog, Alternative Comix.

This Foxy Fagan comic book story is seriously one of the greatest feats in Funny Animal comics I have ever read. I've never seen a comic that captured the feel of animated cartoons as well as this reads like some of the best animation of the golden age. That's because this story erupted out of the heads of a couple of the greatest cartoonists ever: Joe Barbera and Harvey Eisenberg.

You ever read something amazing and you just want to run around and show everybody you know how great it is, but there isn't anybody around who really cares, but you can't stop yourself so you blather on anyway? Ahh...thank you, Mr. Internet.

There's a LOT of great information about this comic, along with full-sized scans of ALL the pages from this story at the ASIFA-Hollywood Archive's article on Foxy Fagan.
  • If you aren't already a fan of the Archive, you really need to check out this treasure trove of classic cartoon rarities and delights!
Here's a nice article about Foxy Fagan comics by Mark Evanier.

And check out this great post by John Kricfalusi about Harvey Eisenberg's Tom & Jerry comics.


Anonymous said...

This has very little to do with the post, but I would like to brag that I recently got a copy of Milt Gross Funnies number 1 off ebay. Yep, you know ya want it!

Anonymous said...

You'd think that fully clothed dog cop would be more concerned about Foxy Fagan's full public nudity than his golden egg scam...