Local Cartoonist Gives Birth to Bigfoot

Cartoonist and colleague Chris Savino has finally debuted the first installment of his "live-action cartoon" called "Bigfoot and Gray: On the Run." Take a look-see:

 Chris and his pals have been working on this labor-of-love for years, so it's great to see that it was worth the wait :) Chris and I have worked together intermittently since 1994…we met on Ren and Stimpy when I was "the new guy" and just learning the ropes. He's been a cartoon-making machine all the time I've known him (Powerpuff Girls, Dexter's Lab, Foster's, Flintstones on the Rocks, Johnny Test and Kick Buttowski)!

Carl Faruolo stars as Bigfoot, and Eric Bauza provides the voice of Gray the alien. I've had the pleasure of working with Carl on Phineas & Ferb, Kick Buttowski and Fish Hooks…he's a hilarious story man, and (as you'll see) a walking cartoon. This will make a terrific series, so watch, enjoy, and let the Hollywood bidding wars begin!

And after you've watched the final product, check out this cool hand-drawn storyboard animatic:

Much more at the official Bigfoot and Gray production blog:


Christopher Grant said...

Nice stuff! I love the animatic. I find it so fascinating to see how cartoons are put together. Ah, my dream job lol!

Amir Avni said...

Chris Savino is a genius,
Kick Buttoski is hands down, the best TV cartoon currently running.

GhettoFab said...

Very fun stuff thanks for sharing it , and love your brush pen stuff in the previous post!

David de Rooij said...

I like the animatic very much! Too bad this wasn't animated in the end.

Togotooner said...

This was fun to watch! My favorite had to be the storyboard! This MUST be created in 2D too because the art (as is evident in the storyboard) is fantastic! It would be refreshing to see something like this on TV.